Mental Health Services Team

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The Mental Health Services Team provides intense supervision to clients diagnosed with mental challenges. They closely liaise with the local Mental Health specialists and share in their ward rounds, case conferences and support groups. Their caseloads include both clients in custodial care and in the community. They also provide the departmental services required for the Mental Health Court.

Their responsibilities include:

  1. Preparing Reports
    • Collecting information and timely preparing formatted Social Inquiry Reports and Case Status report for remanded clients or for those with Mental Health issues, at the required departmental standards, at the request of the Court.
    • Collecting information and timely preparing formatted Home Background Reports for mentally challenged applicants for the quarterly Parole Commissioners Board Sitting based on the agreed timelines. 
    • Preparing LS/CMI risk assessments, collating any relevant external assessment and incorporating findings in the Social Inquiry Reports and Home Background Reports.
    • Preparing Through-Care Reports and any After-Care related reports as necessary, such as Supervision Reports, Travel Requests, Curfew Adjustments, breach reports etc. for mentally challenged clients.

  3. Conducting Case Management:
    • Maintaining accurate and timely documentation for the electronic and paper files. 
    • Developing and implementing appropriate case management protocols based on the goals of clients, the recommendations of the mental health professionals, the LS/CMI risk assessment and in accordance with any order of the Court.
    • Ensuring intense supervision of Mental Health clients on community-based orders, Parole Licenses, or bail supervision in accordance with risk/ need assessments by frequent home visits, referrals and other community checks.
    • Responding with appropriate action to any signs of mental destabilization or relapse that can result in non-compliance of clients
    • Liaising with partner agencies involved in care and hospitalization of the mentally ill when appropriate/necessary to enhance community supervision of clients.
    • Liaising internally with departmental teams as necessary to ensure continuity of services.
    • Holding case discussions with supervisor, co-workers and involved mental health professionals as required. 
    • Attending ward rounds at the Mental Health In-Patient Unit as required. 
    • Attending Case Conferences at the Mental Health Department as necessary. 

  5. Providing Through-Care Services:
    • Providing through-care services in the institution for assigned mentally challenged clients. 
    • Liaising with the Rehabilitation Team at Her Majesty’s Prison, the prison nurse and the assigned mental health professional to identify the needs of clients and to work collaboratively to address the identified needs. 
    • Accompanying the assigned Mental Health professional on visits to accommodations for clients in the prison as viewed necessary.

  7. Performing Court Services:
    • Attending Grand Court, Summary Court, Traffic Court, and Mental Health Court as and when required.
    • Completing referral forms for persons referred by the Court for supervision or monitoring by the mental health service team of the DCR.
    • Documenting court proceedings for DCR mentally challenged clients present at Court on Court Log, file information in designated log and email to all DCR staff.
    • Providing information on DCR mentally challenged cases to the Court.
    • Clarifying court instructions and the role of the DCR and other agencies to clients.
    • Being prepared to answer questions on oath asked by the Court with regard to any Court proceedings.

  9. Sharing in Group Services:
    • Participating in the planning, prep work, and debriefing of each group session that may be organized to give support to mentally challenged clients and their families.
    • Co-facilitating such groups as required in the community and in the institution.

  11. Collating Statistics:
    • Maintaining accurate statistics on mentally challenged clients in accordance with caseload and departmental logs/registries.
    • Completing and submitting accurate monthly statistics by the second working day of each month.

  13. Representing the Department at Meetings:
    • Attend internal and external meetings as required.


Last Updated: 2013-04-04

Last Updated 2013-04-04