The General Court Team

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Probation Officers who serve on the Court Team ensure the Courts in the Cayman Islands are provided with comprehensive reports and risk assessment that enable appropriate sentencing. They supervise the orders made by the Courts and provide access to the necessary rehabilitation services that can prevent re-offending.

Their general responsibilities include the following:

  1. Performing Court Duty:
    • Attending to Grand Court, Summary Court, and Traffic Court as and when required.
    • Completing referrals on persons referred by the Court for services of the DCR.
    • Documenting court proceedings relating to DCR clients present at Court.
    • Providing information on DCR cases to the Court
    • Submit all court reports.
    • Clarifying court instructions and the role of the DCR and other agencies to clients.

  3. Conducting Investigations and preparing Court Reports:
    • Liaising with partner agencies and other collaterals for accurate information
    • Utilizing the tool provided by the DCR to assess level of risk and needs on all clients and include details in the appropriate court reports.
    • Preparing appropriate reports for the relevant courts in a timely manner with the necessary supporting documents.

  5. Conducting Case Management and Supervision:
    • Maintaining accurate and updated documentation in the Case Management System and in paper files in accordance with departmental standards.
    • Developing case plans in accordance with risk/need assessments and in accordance with the Case Management Protocol.
    • Liaising with partner agencies for joint supervision, when required, in accordance with departmental guidelines.
    • Responding to non-compliance of clients by taking appropriate actions.
    • Conducting community and home visits in accordance with case plans, level of risk/ needs assessment, and in accordance with departmental guidelines.
    • Supervising clients placed on community-based orders or bail supervision in accordance with risk/ need assessments and departmental guidelines.
    • Liaising with intra departmental teams to ensure continuity of services and victim protection.

  7. Facilitating Psycho-educational Groups:
    • Participating in the planning, preparation, and debriefing of each session.
    • Co-facilitating groups as required
    • Assisting with maintaining group statistics on participants during and after group series.
    • Assisting with maintaining accurate attendance records and participant logs.
    • Responding to any challenges presented throughout the group process in a professional manner and in accordance with departmental guidelines.

  9. Compiling Statistics on caseload:
    • Maintaining accurate statistics in accordance with caseload and departmental logs/registries.
    • Completing and submit accurate monthly statistics by the second working day of each month.

Special services on the court team include officers providing intensive supervision for domestic violence intervention and the drug rehabilitation court.

Last Updated: 2013-04-04

Last Updated 2013-04-04