Community Payback Team

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Coordinators on the Community Payback Team are responsible for the supervision of clients who are giving back service to the community while on a Community Service Order, a Drug Rehabilitation Court sanction or a Parole mandate. Placements are provided at public locations and clients give their service during the leisure times. The Community Payback Team functions under the supervision of the SPO Programmes.

Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Conducting Case Management:
    • Communicating with clients in a respectful, objective, and non-judgmental manner.
    • Preparing and educating clients, who are either in the community or at an institution, during pre- and post-sentencing of the Community Payback Programme.
    • Processing clients for community service to determine appropriate placements taking into consideration their personal circumstances, level of risk, and identified needs.
    • Conducting individual sessions with the clients to receive feedback once placed and to motivate clients to complete the required amount of community service hours.
    • Developing case plans with the client taking into consideration their level of risk and identified needs.
    • Reviewing case plans with the clients based on client’s completion rate and responsivity to monitor the client’s performance while on the court order.
    • Assessing the needs of the clients and referring clients to appropriate services or programmes.
    • Maintaining accurate and updated documentation on all clients on the APS and paper files in accordance with departmental standards.
    • Liaising with intra departmental teams for joint supervision when required and to ensure continuity of services.
    • Monitoring and identifying court orders and liaising with SPO when orders have not been received.

  3. Conducting Field Work:
    • Liaising with community agencies to explore, educate, and recruit placement providers.
    • Visiting Placement Providers to ensure proper documentation which confirms clients attendance to sites and to retrieve updated information regarding clients progress.
    • Visiting Placement Providers to inquire that clients and providers are adhering to the terms and conditions agreed with the Community Payback Programme.
    • Visiting Placement Providers to supervise clients to ensure that clients are productively engaged for the period of time they are on site and to assess client’s progress in completing the community service hours.

  5. Compiling Reports, Documentation, and File Management:
    • Preparing concise and accurate reports in the approved DCR format.
    • Submitting reports and the appropriate supporting documents within the timeframe provided.
    • Ensuring that copies of all reports are copied into the electronic and paper files
    • Recording all direct and indirect client contacts on the APS.
    • Maintaining an active list of Placement Providers.
    • Monitoring the daily internal court log to identify clients ordered to complete community service and follow up as necessary.
    • Monitoring the daily internal court log to keep abreast of dispositions/ resolutions regarding active clients in the Community Payback Programme.

  7. Providing Statistics:
    • Completing accurate monthly statistics in accordance with DCR policies and standards.

  9. Public Education and Awareness:
    • Participating in the DCR annual week of activities and other initiatives when scheduled.

Last Updated: 2013-04-04

Last Updated 2013-04-04