The Through/After-Care Team

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Probation Officers on the Through/After-care Team are responsible for providing services for clients on parole, aftercare orders, immigration permits for ex. offenders and clients in custodial care.

Their responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting Investigations and Preparing Reports:
    • Collecting information for timely preparation of formatted Social Inquiry Reports for remanded clients, at the required departmental standards, at the request of the Court.
    • Collecting information for timely preparation of formatted Home Background Reports for Parole Applicants for the quarterly Parole Commissioners Board Sitting based on the agreed timelines. 
    • Preparing LS/CMI risk assessments and incorporating findings in the assessment of Social Inquiry Reports and Home Background Reports.
    • Providing suitable recommendations in all reports within the provisions of the law based on assessment of Risk and Need.
    • Preparing the necessary documents for warnings/breaches/non-compliance reports for Parole and Court-related matters
    • Preparing Through-Care Reports and any After-Care related reports as necessary, such as Supervision Reports, Travel Requests, Curfew Adjustments, etc.

  3. Conducting Case Management:
    • Maintaining accurate and timely documentation for the electronic and paper files. 
    • Developing and working through appropriate case plans with clients based on the LS/CMI risk assessment in accordance with the Case Management Protocol. 
    • Ensuring quality supervision of clients on community-based orders, Parole Licenses, After-Care Orders, or bail supervision in accordance with risk/ need assessments and departmental guidelines.
    • Responding with appropriate action to any non-compliance of clients.
    • Conducting home, employment, and community visits based on client’s case plans in accordance with the LS/CMI risk assessment and Case Management Protocol. 
    • Liaising with partner agencies, organizing and attending client Case Conferences when appropriate/necessary to enhance community supervision of clients.
    • Liaising internally with departmental teams as necessary to ensure continuity of services through discussions with supervisor and peers. 

  5. Performing Through-Care Services:
    • Providing through-care services in the institution for clients assigned to you for such services. 
    • Liaising with the Rehabilitation Team at Her Majesty’s Prison as necessary to identify the needs of clients and work collaboratively with partner agencies to address the identified needs. 
    • Assisting with organizing and presenting information for the Pre-Release Parole Workshops for those eligible for Parole on a quarterly basis.

  7. Conducting Court Duty Services:
    • Attending Grand Court, Summary Court, and Traffic Court as and when required especially for clients in custodial care.
    • Completing referrals on persons referred by the Court for services of the DCR.
    • Documenting court proceedings relating to DCR clients present at Court on Court Log, file information in designated log and email to all DCR staff.
    • Submitting all Court reports ensuring they provide required information on DCR cases to the Court.
    • Clarifying court instructions and the role of the DCR and other agencies to clients.
    • Being prepared to answer questions on oath put to you by the Court with regard to any Court proceedings.

  9. Providing Group Services:
    • Participating in the planning, prep work, and debriefing of each group session.
    • Co-facilitating groups as required in the community and in the institution.
    • Assisting with maintaining group statistics on participants during and after group series.
    • Assisting with maintaining accurate attendance records and participant logs.
    • Responding to any challenges presented throughout the group process in a professional manner and in accordance with departmental guidelines.

  11. Collating Statistics:
    • Maintaining accurate statistics in accordance with caseload and departmental logs/registries.
    • Completing and submitting accurate monthly statistics form by the second working day of each month.

  13. Participating in Meetings, Public Education and Awareness:
    • Attending internal and external meetings as required.

Special services attached to the through/after-care team are provided under mental health services and may include some of the abovementioned responsibilities. Victim services is also supervised by the senior officer for through/aftercare team.

Last Updated: 2013-04-04

Last Updated 2013-04-04