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The General Court Team

Probation Officers who serve on the Court Team ensure the Courts in the Cayman Islands are provided with comprehensive reports and risk assessment that enable appropriate sentencing. They supervise the orders made by the Courts and provide access to the necessary rehabilitation services that can prevent re-offending.

Domestic Violence Intervention

This service aims to increase community safety by reducing incidents of domestic violence through intensive supervision and effective intervention services that will hold offenders accountable, while encouraging, motivating and supporting them in leading a crime-free lifestyle. The Officer is required to have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence and the coordinated community response to domestic violence.

Drug Rehabilitation Court (DRC)

The Probation Officer that serves in the Drug Rehabilitation Court provides intense monitoring and supervision for clients accepted in this Court. Treatment and full sobriety is mandated as the clients go through the Provisional and full Drug Court Orders. This Officer attends all the treatment team’s case conferences and provides vital reports on clients’ compliance with the conditions of their orders which include accessing the community supports that would help prevent re-offending.

Programmes Team

The Programmes Team is responsible for developing, conducting and evaluating the psycho-social groups as well as organizing the literacy and empowerment programmes of the Department.  These programmes are geared to facilitate behavior change that will enable reduction in recidivism levels. Probation Officers serve as facilitators however, the programmes team liaises with partner agencies which will provide resource persons as needed for presentations during group programmes.

Community Payback Team

Coordinators on the Community Payback Team are responsible for the supervision of clients who are giving back service to the community while on a Community Service Order, a Drug Rehabilitation Court sanction or a Parole mandate. Placements are provided at public locations and clients give their service during the leisure times. The Community Payback Team functions under the supervision of the SPO Programmes.

The Through/After-Care Team

Probation Officers on the Through/After-care Team are responsible for providing services for clients on parole, aftercare orders, immigration permits for ex. offenders and clients in custodial care.

Mental Health Services Team

The Mental Health Services Team provides intense supervision to clients diagnosed with mental challenges. They closely liaise with the local Mental Health specialists and share in their ward rounds, case conferences and support groups. Their caseloads include both clients in custodial care and in the community. They also provide the departmental services required for the Mental Health Court.

Victim/Witness Services Team

Probation Officers assigned to this Team provide supportive services to the victims of crime and witness accompaniment to Court hearings. The purpose is to empower victims to move beyond victimization through developing coping skills, accessing necessary intervention services and maintaining overall stability; while witnesses are assisted with overcoming the discomforts of appearing in Court. The team advocates on behalf of victims and witnesses who access this service, to raise awareness to their issues/needs e.g. for safety. Victim Services Officers do not interact with the accused person but, as necessary, case discussion is held with Probation Officers interviewing the accused


Last Updated: 2013-04-04

Last Updated 2013-04-04