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FOI Appeals

Please visit our Freedom Of Information section for information on complaints concerning an FOI Request

Our Complaint Procedure will provide you with some general information and guidance on what you can do should you feel that you have not received the kind of service you were expecting through the Department of Community Rehabilitation (DCR).

It is important to note that there are some things that are outside of our control and therefore must be taken into consideration prior to making a complaint. Some examples of these are as follows:

  • Matters relating to employees of another agency, that is, outside of DCR
  • Sentencing of the Court
  • Professional responsibility required of Probation Officers to:
    • supervise persons at home, on the job or in the general community
    • ask detailed and personal questions which allow for the preparation of reports or for monitoring and supervision
    • refer clients for intervention including counseling, thereby requiring the sharing of information with other agencies to allow for effective services.

If you are uncertain about the normal operations of DCR, please request the assistance of any member of the Management Team, which consist of the Director, Senior Probation Officers and Administrative Manager.

Why have Complaints Procedures?

The Complaints procedure provides us with feedback from our clients, their families and others involved in their situations. It allows us the opportunity to make the effort to address your matters of concern appropriately.

In addition, although we have qualified and professional staff members, DCR recognizes the possibility that we cannot get it right every time. It is very important that we hear from you when we fail to serve you in a timely and cordial manner or where we can make adjustments that would provide more convenient services.

What can you make a complaint about?

You can use this process to address any concern relating to DCR facilities, the services we provide and any unprofessional actions of employees of DCR.


  • You might have a concern about the response you receive over the phone or face to face with a staff member.
  • You may feel that you were disrespected or treated rudely.
  • You may be concerned about:
    • unnecessary delays or repeat rescheduling of appointments
    • consistent unavailability of your supervising officer
    • seemingly wrong, misleading or unclear information.

How can you make a complaint or suggestion?

For your convenience, DCR has available in the Waiting Room, a Complaint Form and self- addressed envelopes to the Director of DCR.  In addition to the indicated option, you can request to speak with any member of the Management Team that is available or schedule a time to meet with them.

A Suggestion Box with Comment Forms is also made available in the Waiting Room and we encourage you to write your suggestions and general comments. The comments and suggestions you share will be used if necessary to enhance our level of customer service.

However, for specific or personal complaints it is important to complete a Complaint Form or speak to a member of the Management Team who will, with your consent, prepare the Complaint Form on your behalf. Please note that direct contact with you and follow up actions will proceed only when a Complaint Form is completed.

What information is important when making a complaint?

When making a complaint you should try to give as much details as possible, as soon as possible. It is important that you fully complete the forms and if necessary write on the back to provide more details.

  • Indicate when and where the relevant situation happened.
  • Explain as clearly as you can what is your complaint.
  • Where appropriate, indicate the name of the staff member involved, if possible.
  • Attach supporting documents when available or necessary
  • If you would like for follow up contact, please include your name and contact number.

How will we respond to your complaint?

Once we have received a complaint, a member of DCR Management Team will:

  • Thoroughly investigate your complaint.
  • If you have provided your name and contact number, contact will be made with you within 5-working days of receiving the complaint, acknowledging receipt of the complaint.
  • If your complaint is based on something outside of our control, we will advise you of this and if possible provide you with appropriate persons/organizations to contact.
  • All Complaints will be reviewed by the Management Team and further contact made within 30-working days.
  • If our investigation finds that we have made a mistake, the necessary action will be taken to address it to try to avoid a similar incident from happening again. It is important to note that DCR is committed to ensuring satisfactory customer service.

Still not satisfied with our response?

If you are still unhappy with our response to your complaint, please be aware that you have the option to contact the Ministry/Portfolio responsible for this Department or you can contact the Complaint’s Commissioners Office. Information on these agencies can be obtained through the Government Administrative Office or in your local Telephone directory.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope that you now have a better understanding of how you can make a complaint and what to expect having made a complaint.

If you are still uncertain about how to use our complaint procedure, or should you need any information relating to the Department of Community Rehabilitation, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Grand Cayman:
#19 Cayman Centre,
Owen Roberts Drive
George Town, Grand Cayman
Phone: 345-949-1693
Fax: 345-949-2838

Cayman Brac:
#277 West Road, West End
Phone: 345-948-1521
Fax: 345-948-1528

Last Updated: 2013-04-05

Last Updated 2013-04-05